The SCEC Trustees

SCEC is managed by a board of eleven trustees: (i) six foundation trustees (two from each of Alleyn’s School, Dulwich College and JAGS) and (ii) five representatives of the local community co-opted by the foundation trustees. The trustees meet four times a year and are responsible for the sound running of the charity, for its policies (chief of which is the safeguarding of the children attending its Saturday classes), the appointment and paying of tutors, and raising of funds to secure the charity’s long-term future.


Christopher Field     Retired Deputy Headmaster
Co-opted trustee; chair

Neil Green     Assistant Head, Alleyn’s School
Foundation trustee; co-ordinator Year 5 scheme

Dr Toby Griffiths    Head of Junior School, Dulwich College
Foundation trustee; nominated trustee i/c safeguarding

Helen Ingham     Head Teacher, Ivydale Primary School
Co-opted trustee

Rhona Muir     Assistant Head, JAGS
Foundation trustee

Samantha Payne     Deputy Head (Pastoral), JAGS
Foundation trustee

Dr Cameron Pyke     Deputy Master (External), Dulwich College
Foundation trustee; hon. Secretary

Mrs Jane Lunnon   Headmistress, Alleyn’s School
Foundation trustee; deputy chair

Suzanne Saullo     Parent of former pupil
Co-opted trustee; parent representative

Pauline Simpson   Retired teacher
Co-opted trustee; hon. Treasurer

Laura Balzanella

Edna Mathieson

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