Saturday Maths at Alleyn’s

Whether we realise it or not, Mathematics underpins a multitude of areas of everyday life from calculating the cost of a bag of crisps and a can of diet ‘fizz’ to the workings of a smart phone or a sat-nav. The Saturday Maths Scheme sessions at Alleyn’s are aimed at Year 5 pupils who already demonstrate an aptitude for mathematics by providing exciting and educational tuition in an informal and inspiring environment which goes beyond the National Curriculum.

Through logic, puzzles, innovative games and practical, hands-on experiments, pupils are taught in small groups to explore all aspects of mathematics both inside and outside the classroom. Topics covered include code-breaking, algebra puzzles, time zones and time differences and triangle number problems: big concepts broken down into bite-sized pieces and explored through a variety of methods and fun activities.

Taught by specialist Mathematics teachers in small groups, children are helped to develop their skills and problem-solving strategies, assisted by senior students from Alleyn’s School who act as mentors. Saturday Maths is ‘serious fun’!


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