Saturday Science at Dulwich College

Science is one of the most stimulating and exciting areas of the school curriculum, but many  primary school pupils may not have had the chance to do hands-on science work in laboratories.  The aim of the Saturday Science Scheme is to provide pupils with an enjoyable introduction to practical science and thereby help to improve their confidence as they begin to think about secondary transfer.   

Using Dulwich College’s state-of-the-art science facilities, pupils will undertake experiments and investigations in Chemistry, Physics and Biology, spending 3-4 weeks on each subject.  Taught by specialist Science teachers in small groups, pupils will build up an understanding of how to conduct experiments and how to draw and record appropriate conclusions.  There will be occasional presentations and demonstrations for pupils on fascinating scientific topics and a chance to try using new equipment and methods of learning.  

The Saturday Science Scheme also provides an opportunity for children to make new friends and grow in confidence.  Mentors (older students from Dulwich College and its sister schools) will be on hand to guide and prompt the pupils and encourage them to try out the exciting activities 


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