Saturday Literacy at JAGS

We aim to make learning fun on the Saturday Literacy Scheme at JAGS!
Learning to read, write and speak confidently can be a challenge for some pupils. The aim of the Year 3 Saturday scheme is to give such pupils a chance to benefit from some small-group teaching in a fun and friendly way. Pupils receive help with reading, writing, speaking and listening. Each child has individual support from a personal mentor who is a senior pupil at James Allen’s Girls’ School ensuring children experience some imaginative and enjoyable ways of learning, for example by taking part in group presentations with other pupils and their mentors, writing and acting out stories or poems and making simple props.

By the end of the year we hope that pupils will:

•Have found that learning can be fun!
•Have developed a habit of reading for enjoyment, both by themselves and within the family.
•Have a wider vocabulary and be more able to express their ideas in speech and on paper.
•Have gained confidence in speaking and performing in front of a larger group.
•Have gained in social confidence by working in a team.

These skills will underpin their future progress in all aspects of the school curriculum and help to form a secure basis for their life-long development and future success.

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