Participating Primary Schools

We work together with a group of local primary schools, who nominate suitable pupils from their schools to take part in the schemes. Although the membership of the group has varied in response to local conditions and demands, we have found that the success of the Saturday Schemes is due in no small part to the excellent long-standing relationships we have developed with the head teachers and senior leadership teams at each of our partner schools. Chris Parsons, our scheme administrator, is in regular communication with the schools in order to support regular attendance.

Because of these positive and well established relationships, we are better able to meet the needs of the children and their home schools.

Schools currently involved are:

  • Bessemer Grange Primary School, SE5 8HP
  • Dog Kennel Hill School, SE22 8AB
  • Dulwich Wood Primary School, SE21 8NS
  • Goose Green Primary School, SE22 8HG
  • Heber Primary School, SE22 9LA
  • Ivydale Primary School, SE15 3BU
  • Rye Oak Primary School, SE15 3PD
  • St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School, SE22 0LA
  • St Francesca Cabrini Primary School, SE23 3LE
  • St John’s Roman Catholic Primary School, SE16 6SD
  • St John’s & St Clements CE Primary School, SE15 4DY
  • St. Joseph’s Primary School, SE16 4UP
  • Judith Kerr Primary School, SE22 9RN






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